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Fall 2010 CMSC 714, High Performance Computing, under the direction of Jeff Hollingsworth
Fall 2010 CMSC 289I, Rise of the Machines, under the direction of Jim Reggia
Fall 2006 CMSC 131, Introduction to Computer Science, under the direction of Fawzi Emad


I've been a private tutor in computer science and related subjects for years. I specialize in helping my students through the very beginnings of their computer science education, and I particularly enjoy teaching introductory programming (in languages ranging from Java to Python to Scheme), discrete structures, data structures, and algorithms. My students have ranged in age/ability from early high school through college, graduate school, and beyond. I'm picky about accepting new clients and I'm not cheap. If you're interested in my services and neither of those intimidate you, feel free to drop me a line.