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Standing for Recurrent Neural Collective Classification, RNCC is a recurrent neural network designed to perform collective classification on complex datasets that include relationships between the entities being classified, such as social networks. It requires the XLBP toolkit below.


XLBP stands for eXtensible Localized Back-Propagation. It's my GPL'd, Java-based library for creating and training neural networks using the LSTM-g paradigm.


TwEater, short for Twitter Eater, is a GPL'd Java-based tool for collecting tweets in real time and storing them in various formats for analysis.


TL-SHOP is a hierarchical task network (HTN) planner enabled with the ability to process task relationships using temporal logic. It is a derivative of JSHOP2.


WikiBigrams is a collection of Python scripts you can use to get bigram counts from Wikipedia in any language.

UMCP CS Latex Letterhead

Upon finding that the University of Maryland CS Department doesn't have any official letterhead templates, I decided to create my own in Latex, closely following the university style guidelines.

iTunes Media Key Blocker

When you run OS X and you don't use iTunes as a media player, it can get pretty annoying that the "play" key on your keyboard launches iTunes in addition to whatever functions it might have in your media player of choice. This script replaces the iTunes executable and ignores incoming "play" keypresses if your music player app is open. Just grab it and follow the installation instructions in the script.